I want the divorce, my spouse wants the divorce, and it is going to make things easier on everyone, so why do I still feel so sad about getting divorced? If you ask yourself this question, you are in good company – very good company. As an attorney who handles divorces on a regular basis, I have heard this sentiment from many clients. The truth is we all have expectations for our lives, and we have all imagined what our lives would look like at certain stages. Divorce was never in that picture drawn by our hopes and dreams. Getting a divorce is usually a hard reminder that life does not always turn out the way we want. It often feels like a personal failure, particularly when one has religious and spiritual beliefs against divorce. It is natural to grieve for the end of the relationship and the hopes that had once attached to it and to feel disillusioned by the proverbial lemons handed over by life. So, cry if you feel like it, even if you are simultaneously counting down the days to your divorce hearing. However, just as you are in good company feeling sad, you will also be in good company when you wake up each day feeling a little better, re-discovering who you are, and finding out what great things and people are on their way to you.

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