How is child support determined in Florida?Image of a calculator as there are child support calculators on this page

The method for determining support is set out in Florida Statutes, Section 61.30  Here is a link:  Florida Statutes, Chapter 61.30

That is a very detailed statute; is there a basic answer?

Right?!?! Yes, basically, child support is determined based on the net combined income of the parties, the presumptive amount set out in the Florida guidelines, the number of children, and the number of overnights that the children spend with each parent.   Other factors can include things such as day care costs, health insurance, medical needs of the children, etc.

Is there a free link or app that will help me calculate how much Florida child support I will need to pay or the other parent should pay?

Here are a couple of links to free calculators.   Because these are not produced and published by Wilkerson Law Firm, P.A., our firm makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the calculators or that they will remain up-to-date.  So, use them for informational purposes only.  However, at least as of the time these links were posted, these were some of the better free calculators:

 Calculator 1

Calculator 2

Is there a resource where I can learn more about child support?

Attached is a publication that probably has more information than you ever wanted to know.  This was not written by our firm and must be used for educational purposes only: Child_Support_Benchbook_Legal_Outline

I help the other parent, and the other parent does not want a child support order; why is the Department of Revenue taking me to court for support?

If the child is on any type of public assistance, for example cash assistance or Medicaid, the Department of Revenue will seek payment of child support even when the other parent does not.  This is called a Title IV-D case.   Additionally, in Title IV-D cases, arrearages can not be waived in the manner they can  in non-Title IV-D cases — the State will seek to be repaid for support provided through public assistance even when neither parent is seeking court ordered support.

What types of child support issues does Wilkerson Law Firm handle?

Wilkerson Law Firm, P.A. represents family law clients who need a child support order established and also handles modification cases and enforcement cases.  Additionally, if the non-paying parent is trying to claim more child support than is correct, Wilkerson Law Firm, P.A. will defend a paying parent. In other words, Wilkerson Law Firm, P.A. handles all sorts of child support issues.  If you need counsel regarding a child support issue, call us for a consultation at 813-295-5849.